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Getting into Cycling: Choosing the right bicycle

Choosing the right Bicycle

There can be many reasons for getting into cycling, for some it is a way to shed extra pounds gained over the years. While others may simply want to take up cycling to enjoy nature and long rides. Whatever your reasons maybe, cycling is a good habit to get into.

The first question that should be asking your self is where you would be riding your bicycle? Whether you will cycling around the city on tarmac or exploring the mountain terrain nearby. Through this article we will looking into three types of bicycles:

  1. Road Bikes
  2. Hybrids
  3. Mountain Bikes

Road Bikes

They are basically cycles with drop handle bars. Below is an illustration of a road bike.

Example of a Road Bike
Example of a Road Bike

They are designed for cycling on tarmac. If your objective is to cycle fast on roads, then road bike is for you. Some people may choose it for the sheer attractiveness of the drop handle bars. I wouldn’t blame you for that, road bikes just look sexier.

Hybrids Bicycles

Hybrid bicycles as the name suggests are made for mixed terrains, you can use them on roads as well as gravel and light dirt terrains.

Example of a Hybrid Bicycle
Example of Hybrid Bicycle

It is designed for people who want the flavour of both worlds road and mountain biking. You get the speed of a road bike and comfort of mountain bike with flat handle bars. Although, you loose some of the speed in hybrid bikes due it being less aerodynamic. Hybrid bikes perfect for recreational riders who want to use bicycle for touring, commuting and mild workout.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes are for off-road riding, they are a complete opposite of road bikes.

29.01.21. Mountain Biking UK. Triscombe. PIC © Andy Lloyd www.andylloyd.photography

Heavy frame and thick tyres makes extremely slow on roads. Although, what makes them slow on tarmac makes them perfect for rocky and muddy tracks. They have the flat handlebar configuration and are equipped with a suspension system making them comfortable for off-road riding.

Decision Time

Once you have answered the question at the beginning of this article you would be able to pick the bicycle perfect for you. There are some points to consider, the kind of riding that you would be embarking on should be in sync with the bicycle you are riding. If you are want venture into the world of off-road biking, then mountain bikes are made for you. For those, who want cycle around the city mainly on tarmac you need to pick between the sexier road bike or comfortable hybrid bike. The road bike being faster while the hybrid being more comfortable.

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